Need to be an astonishing girlfriend? Obviously, you are doing. Here are five simple and easy ways to make it happen.

1. Be present with him.

Be with him, when you’re with your boyfriend. Turn your phone off. Place in your bag, or put it in a drawer, but put it away. Whatever occurs “in your telephone” can wait. We will survive without incessant Facebook status updates. Should you need to cultivate a deep connection with your partner, then you need to be present with him.

Look him and make him feel as if you’d rather be nowhere else. I understand lots of folks think they are able to do a lot of things at once; in other words, endeavor. Not true. We do it when we do one thing at a time. We do many things poorly when we try to multitask. Because what a guy wants is your attention in case you multitask your relationship, you might find yourself multitasking being single. Your telephone will be there when you continue texting while spending time together, you might wind up texting alone, although when you are done.

#2. Love something he adores.

If your boyfriend is not emotionless, and that I presume he’s, then adore something he adores. Consider all things he is enthusiastic about, decide one, and share it. Learn a little about that passion and collaborate with him. This can be something you are able to both talk about, and something you both have in common. Preferably it shouldn’t be a TV show or sports because those generic things don’t reveal his true character. Learn what he adores. What is in his heart? Have that in common. Relationships succeed through synergy, not different lives.

#3. Set the “buddy” in girlfriend.

Guys need a best friend comrade with whom they also roll around naked with from time to time. Sound simple? That is what we desire. We desire a person who’s down for small talk our interests and humor, but may also meet our base needs that are carnal. Guys are straightforward … quite straightforward. Possess the capacity to be his closest friend, and show him this possibility. Should you do he will keep you around.
#4. Don’t nag about little things.

We will see whatever we make our minds up to see. Maybe you need to get it done if your boyfriend sucks at doing the laundry. Don’t let it create a fight. If you are bothered by something greatly, then you might be probably more ardent about doing it, so do it and let him do something else. Perhaps he will clean the dishes. As an alternative to letting something construct as adopt the things and a resentment, which causes drama, try and not focus on the things you don’t enjoy you do.

#5. Avert collaboration on social networks.

Unfriend each other on Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Who cares? It’s only going to cause fights. Why? Because as individuals, we are always looking for something to fight about. Merely remove that tension and drama. And if he shows otherwise, then you certainly do not need Facebook to tell you to break up with him