Challenging “ Would You Rather” Questions

As the choices are difficult, some “ Would You Instead” questions take some serious concern. Our collection of challenging Would You Rather questions is guaranteed to cause some soul searching and potential discussion.


Would You Rather Questions Inspired by

Would you rather win 5 million dollars or the Nobel Peace Prize?
Would you rather travel 100 years in 100 years or the past in the future?
Can you rather go to jail for a year or be homeless to get a year?
Can you rather live with someone you despise or reside completely alone?
Can you rather be wealthy with no friends or poor with lots of buddies that are good?
Would you rather be on an airplane between two arguing passengers or next to a crying infant?
To whom you are not connected, could you rather save the life span of a young child or the life span of an aged relative?
Can you rather have a terrible short-term memory or forget everything bad that ever happened to you?
Could you rather have one wish granted today or three wishes given ten years from now?
Would you have friends and family or live comfortably but entirely alone and rather be displaced?
Could you rather spend a year in jail or a year in a psychiatric hospital?
Can you rather share a toothbrush with a random stranger or kiss a random stranger?
Would you rather be never alone or completely alone for 5 years for 5 years?
Can you rather lose you sense of taste or your sense of smell?
Could you not have the capacity to read or not be able to write?
Would you rather have to eat just food that is warm or must eat only food that is cold?
Could you rather spend 48 straight hours in a public restroom or the same quantity of time in a morgue?
Would you rather live in a location that is certainly obviously hot or in an area where it is obviously cold?
Could you rather be 4’2″ or 8’2″?
Could you rather be physically and short healthy or tall and fat?
Could you eat a nutritious diet or rather exercise frequently?
Can you lose half your hearing or half your seeing?
Would you be poor and find true love or rather be wealthy and alone?
Can you be in pain that is endless or rather have a constant itch?
Would you rather go to get a month minus the internet or your phone?
Would you rather be terrific at an awesome writer or mathematics?
Would you rather only be able manage to skip everywhere you go or only to jump everywhere you go?
Can you run amazingly fast or rather be capable jump very high?
Could you rather don’t have any sense of smell or smell everything with skill that is additional?
Would you muffle the remainder of your own life or rather be blind the remainder of your daily life?
Can you rather appear strong and be not strong or look poor and be powerful?
Would you rather have a third eye or a third ear?
Would you rather be as tall as you’re tall, when you are as wide or wide?
Could you rather age only in the neck up or just in the neck down?
Could you rather have a very muscular lower body and a standard upper body, or a muscular upper body however a lower body that is very lanky?
Could you rather be a moron in a genius in a world of morons or a world of prodigies?
Can you rather have or $1,000,000 of your life rest week for the?
Would you rather listen to songs you listen to your own chosen song twenty-four hours or have no control over 24 hours a day for a year a day to get a year?

Can you rather be wealthy working a job you despise or poor working a job you love?

Would you rather be the employee or the manager?
Would you work very difficult at a fascinating job or rather possess employment that requires hardly any work but it boring?
Could you have one year off with that which you are making or rather work the job you’ve now for a year at double your current rate of pay?
Can you rather have a one month or not have to cover taxes on your own income for a year?
Can you rather take off at full pay or work your present occupation for another year at double your wages?
Would you rather possess work that influences your society or the world and make very little money or become famous for something little and have a great deal of money?
Would stay the way you are now financially forever or you need to remain the age you’re physically eternally?
Would you stand all day at work or sit all day at the office?
“ Would Preferably” questions supply a fun time for occasion, each age, and event. Once you begin playing, you may end up thinking of your own personal enjoyment and challenging questions to ask your relatives and buddies. “Would you rather . . . ?